Arya samaj means a society of Noble People (Noble Society). Arya Samaj was founded By Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati on 10th of April 1875 in Mumbai. Today Arya Samaj has 8000 branches in all over the world. 10 crore people knows about the ideology of Arya Samaj and has 10 lacs followers. Arya Samaj has 6000 temples in India and 2000 temples in abroad. 500 post graduate colleges of Arya Samaj are working in India. 5 lacs students are getting education. 1200 High Schools, 1500 primery schools, 100 Girls Colleges, 125 Girls Primery Schools, 25 Girls Gurukuls. 10000 boys are getting education in 65 boys gurukuls. 500 Arya Kumar and Arya Yuvak Sabhas 50 Arya Veer Dal branches are working. 250 Pratinidhi Sabhas and Zila Sabhas are working. 120 monthly and weekly Megazines are publishing.
1500 Updeshak (lecturer) of salary basis, 2000 Updeshak (Lecturer) 100 Bhajnopadeshak are doing prachar activities in india.
 The founder of Arya Samaj Swami Dayanand Saraswati rejected all non-vedic beliefs altogether. Hence the Arya Samaj condemns idolatry, animal secrifies, ancestor worship, Priestcraft, the cast system, the sati system for widow, child marriage, inequality of women, untouchability etc.
The Arya Samaj is not a religion. This society, was formed, not as a new religion, but as a coming together of noble minded people who believe in Vedic Satya Sanatan Dharma (Called Hinduism).